Kilo coins from Australia: Cheap and magnificent opportunity for silver investors

Geschrieben von Sebastian Wieschowski

The low silver prices are an invitation for many investors to enter massively in the precious metals trading right now . They buy silver by the kilo and look for ways not to have thousands of small coins are at home. Those who want to obtain larger amounts of the white metal on favorable terms should look for kilo coins.

The precious metals trader “MP Edelmetalle” presents in its blog the curious and useful coins, which represent an exciting alternative to silver ingots. Because the larger a product of silver and gold, the less impact the fixed costs of minting. Therefore, private investors increasingly secure kilo coins. Originally, these coins were intended as legal detour around the high value added tax. But in the meantime this workaround is no longer necessary because of the margin scheme.

However, the kilo coins are still popular because the design of the coin motifs can be much more plastic on the large surface. And the circulation numbers are much lower than those of the standard-ounce versions. So for example, of the Kookaburra coins to one kilogram only 74,757 were minted in 2009, in 2014 there were even only 34,534 pieces. That makes the kilo coins modern rarities with a high potential for value increases beyond the pure metal prices.

However, the historical performance of the kilo coins falls short of ounces. Due to the low circulation figures it is only a matter of time before the XXL brothers of the classical bullion coins to an ounce gain collector’s value. More and more wealthy Australians want to secure the old vintages of kilo coins with koalas and kookaburras to pursue a value-stable and also aesthetic form of investment.

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