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Commemorative gold coins: Germany is the insider tip for precious metal investors

When considering gold investment, most investors probably think of the modern bullion coins from Australia, South Africa and Canada – but there is an exciting product group that is often forgotten in precious metals investment: The 100 euro gold coins from the Federal Republic of Germany are an interesting alternative for precious metal investors.

The precious metals trader “MP Edelmetalle” provides in his blog with the UNESCO series a popular alternative to standard bullion coins.This series first appeared in 2003 and shows another UNESCO World Heritage City every year. In 2009, the product range in gold was expanded by another series: First, a series was released in gold with the German forest and, since 2016, the series has continued with domestic birds. The advantages of these commemorative coins are obvious: by a strict limitation and high-quality, changing motives they achieve collectors prices that are significantly higher than the pure metal value.

What was unthinkable in the days of the German mark, has become a matter of course: German commemorative gold coins have become a popular collection area. The first gold coin of the Federal Republic was published in 2001 and was sold out in no time. The high demand ensured that with the introduction of the euro gold became a regular metal for German commemorative coins. On 9 May 2002 on occasion of Europe day, more gold coins were issued, the first and only time a whole ounce in gold in addition to the half-ounce. The half-ounce with 500,000 copies was sold out immediately after publication. Since 2003, there has been the popular series in gold on the world heritage sites in Germany. After Quedlinburg, the town of Bamberg was honored in 2004, in 2005, the series took a break for the World Cup. Since 2006, the journey through the UNESCO World Heritage Sites has continued.

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