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Donald Trump takes office: precious metal traders benefit from uncertainty

Whoever turned on the TV on January 20, 2017 should have thought of a bad joke at this sight – however, it was not a Hollywood movie, but the inauguration of a completely unpredictable newcomer to politics. Donald Trump is now the most powerful man in the world. And soon panic might prevail instead of party on the financial markets.

Trump is driving investors into the safe haven gold, reports the precious metal trader “Emporium” in its “Market & Trends” newsletter. Although the stock market still believes that it may not be so bad with Trump.But Donald Trump has kept the world in suspense with ever-new provocations and embarrassments.He wants to abolish Obama’s health reform, but build a wall for Mexico. In the international concert of the powers, Trump presents a similar diplomacy, which is otherwise known only to despots.

However, Donald Trump could be a lucky chance for precious metal owners in many ways. For, as Emporium clarifies in its market report, he is considered a decisive opponent of the ultra-lax monetary policy.In addition, he has caused former partners such as China or NATO to position them against the USA.

The gold price has reacted to this saber-rattling and gained almost ten percent in one month.The 1200-dollar mark, which until recently was hard to overcome, was recaptured.And the market strategists at Emporium assume that the gold price is likely to continue to grow as soon as Donald Trump even puts one of his threats into action or is provoked by another state to pick a serious fight. Donald Trump is not only a constanst Twitter user, but also a commander-in-chief of a nuclear force.

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