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Queen’s Beasts: Bullion coin from the UK becomes a bestseller

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Would you like a little more?This question was asked by the Royal Mint in 2016.And precious metal friends all over the world responded with a clear “yes” – the “Queen’s Beasts” silver coins sold since 2016 have become a sales hit.

The “Queen’s Beasts” series is the third product of the Royal Mint from the UK for the investment market. After the Britannia and the Lunar series, the Royal Mint presented its “Queen’s Beasts” series in 2016.Unlike for most bullion coins, the weight is two ounces.Thus, the minting premium is proportionally lower.

The precious metal trader “MP Edelmetalle” points out in its blog the strong demand for the British bullion coins.The reason for this is not only the high-quality workmanship, but also the splendid design.Each year a new representative of the Queen’s Beasts series is depicted.The “Lion of England” (Lion) was launched in 2016, followed by the “Griffin of Edward III”.The “Queen’s Beasts” are heraldic statues depicting the genealogy of Queen Elizabeth II.

As with the other Bullion coins, the Britannia as well as the Lunar series, the design of XXL silver coins from the UK is of high quality.The coin engraver Judy Clark, who previously portrayed Queen Elizabeth II on the bullion coins of Great Britain, is responsible for the design of the animal motif.So far, the Queen’s Beasts in silver are only available as a two ounce coin, in gold there are two versions to an ounce and a quarter ounce.

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