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Krugerrand is turning 50 years old: Anniversary products from South Africa are in vogue

Geschrieben von Sebastian Wieschowski

Only 15,000 copies were minted worldwide, the amount for the German market is estimated at a few hundred pieces – the excitement that started at the World Money Fair, when the “proof” version of the silver Krugerrand was first presented to the public, was nosurprise. And most potential buyers came away empty-handed.

The precious metals trader “pro aurum” describes in his “Newsroom” the particular interest that the “Krugerrand” recieved in February 2017 at the World Money Fair in Berlin. The country was represented as a guest of honor at the show: The “South African Mint” had brought its Numismatics program, the “Rand Refinery” presented all bullion years of Krugerrands since 1967.

After fifty years the Krugerrand is the symbol par excellence for the investment in precious metals. Today it is one of the standard products of each precious metal dealer around the world. Before the invention of Krugerrands, gold buyers had to make do with historical copies of gold coins as an investment.

In the “Newsroom”, German dealer “pro aurum” describes the many exciting commemorative coins, which were published for the 50th anniversary. There are coinages with an anniversary mark ( “privy mark”), nobly packaged coin sets, and the first Krugerrand coins in silver and platinum. Despite these innovations, the composition and design of the Krugerrand have remained the same – a possible reason for the popularity of the Krugerrand and the trust of investors in the coin from South Africa.

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