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World Money Fair: Gold and silver is in demand among collectors and investors

This year’s World Money Fair, which took place in Berlin from 3 to 5 February 2017, was marked not only by the 50th anniversary of the Krugerrand, but also by Donald Trump as president of the USbecause the political uncertainties have grown massively since the election of the former real estate mogul as the most powerful man in the world.

In its “Market & Trends” newsletter, the precious metals trader “Emporium” describes the atmosphere on the Numismata and this year has seen particularly many people in the exhibition halls who were really concerned with coins and were worried about their savings.The newcomers in precious metals wanted to know how they can secure their assets by gold and silver.

In the market analysis, Emporium identifies the most important uncertainty factors for the global political situation in 2017, including the presidential election in France and further Federal Funds Rate increases in the US.An end to cheap money would be appropriate in Europe because of the higher inflation, but not realistic in the long run.

However, many investors are currently watching the United States with interest and a little fear, where president Donald Trump might help the construction industry by a construction boom, but with the Wall of Mexico implements a very questionable geopolitical measure.Trump is the uncertainty factor par excellence of the new century – and Emporium makes it clear in its market report that nothing is more of a burden to thestock exchanges than uncertainty.

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