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Scottsdale Mint presents “African Leopard” bullion coins from Ghana

Geschrieben von Sebastian Wieschowski

After the iguanas and fish, the private mint facility “Scottsdale Mint” from the US state of Arizona has introduced a new coin series: Under the flag of Ghana, the mint will distribute the “African Leopard” as a silver bullion coin. As in the case of the previous silver investment coins of the Scottsdale Mint, the circulation is only 50,000 pieces.

The back of the new animal coin shows an aggressive leopard, which apparently falls straight on an unsuspecting booty. The animal is presented in detail, the fine transition between the leopard and the coin background is striking – both surfaces shine like start. On the front, the standards (the year of issue, country, weight and nominal value) are listed. Especially interesting is the leopard spot pattern which the Scottsdale Mint has brought to the value side of the coin.

Photo Copyright: Scottsdale Mint

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Sebastian Wieschowski

  • Can this please get updated. It appears that the 100 Cedi isn’t legal tender. The mint has remained silent but the bank of Ghana has stated that the 100 Cedi denomination isn’t legal tender. There are also only 5,000 minted and the Five Cedis will replace it with a mintage of 50,000.

  • Hi there. Thank you so much for the information 🙂 There was in fact some kind of confusion on this, and I will update the text. Best wishes and greetings, Sebastian

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