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The Royal Mint is entering the platinum market

Geschrieben von Sebastian Wieschowski

The Royal Mint takes the occasion of the “London Platinum Week” to announce their entry into the trade in platinum products. Since mid-May, Royal Mint coins and bars are available in platinum – for the first time in over a thousand year history of the Royal Mint.

At the beginning of the Royal Mint’s platinum product line extension, a 500 gramm and one kilo platinum has been introcused, bullion bars to 100 grams and one ounce of platinum will follow later. Additionally, a one-ounce version of the “Queen’s Beasts” coin of the “Lion of England” will be sold in platinum.

The Royal Mint is one of the mints that has constantly drawn attention with innovations in recent years. In 2014, she offered a direct sales to individuals as the first public mint institution and thus also acts as precious metals traders in the market. And another product of the Royal Mint is increasingly popular in the UK: The storage of gold for customers in the vaults of the Royal Mint ( “The Vault”).

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